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The Empty Promise of Godism

by Peter Sammons

Reflections on the Multi-faith Agenda.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Godism? For answers to this and lots of other questions download this Frequently Asked Questions document written by the author of the book.

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Chapter 1 - The Promise

Chapter 2 - The Nature of God

Chapter 3 - Getting to Know you

Chapter 4 - God Speaks to His People

Chapter 5 - Godism - A new Phenomenon

Chapter 6 - Is God Good?

Chapter 7 - Is God Holy?

Chapter 8 - Is 'God' a Split Identity?

Chapter 9 - Jesus

Chapter 10 - The Way to the Father

Chapter 11 - A God of Religions?

Chapter 12 - Law and Grace: The Basic Choice in Life

Chapter 13 - Further Implications of Godism

Chapter 14 - Dialogue

APPENDIX 1 - Some Implications of Basic Godism

APPENDIX 2 - Jesus' "I AM" Statements

APPENDIX 3 - The Sheep and the Goats

APPENDIX 4 - The Gospel

APPENDIX 5 - The Suffering Church