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One Flesh

What Jesus teaches about love,
relationships, marriage and a
lot more

by Peter Sammons

Code / ISBN: 978-0-9567831-8-9
Publisher: GLORY TO GLORY.
Format: B format paperback, 171pp


Living 'happily ever after' seems to be the dream of most people, irrespective of race, culture, gender - even religion. As the vast majority of people on planet Earth will form relationships across the sex divide at some time in their lives, we would expect the Lord Jesus to have given clear and unambiguous teaching to help us in this most sensitive area of our lives. Did He?

Christians believe that God created the world and that He created male and female in His own image. He created us not for miserable relationships but for good, useful and happy relationships. So what has gone wrong in the lives of all too many?

Peter Sammons uses the one-flesh ordinance in Genesis as the background to this helpful study of what the Bible teaches about men and women, forming worthwhile and lasting relationships and dealing with the inevitable and mounting pressures in this sex-obsessed, post-Christian age.

Chapters cover the Creation episode in Genesis, what the Bible shows about men and women meeting and recognising in each other the possibility for a permanent relationship, the Bible's attitude to sex, marriage as a covenant (rather than a contract), singleness, arranged marriages, romance, cohabitation, polygamy, and the teaching of Paul the Apostle. And a lot more besides....

For too long the church has presented itself as being in a frightful muddle over these questions. One Flesh provides a helpful framework within which to consider competing claims, but, more important, to discern the mind of God on these matters.

One Flesh is written in an easy and accessible style. This is no dry study - rather, it considers matters very close to most of us in terms we can recognise and relate to.

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