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Rebel Church

by Peter Sammons

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Code / ISBN: 978-0-9926674-0-5
Publisher: Glory to Glory Publications
Format: paperback

A "must read" for the 21st century Christian, this new book Rebel Church is both a challenge and an encouragement to the believer 

    • Parts of the church have always rebelled against Jesus. History is replete with examples. But is something different happening today?
    • What does the Bible tell us about the rebel church?
    • What did Jesus teach about a rebel church?
    • How do individual believers reinvigorate their faith when their church seems "hell bent" on opposing the Spirit?
    • Is the future one of loss and defeat, or of a glorious triumph for the faithful remnant? 

Book Review

There is a book review in the British Church Newspaper.

The whole book is now available to download free as a PDF file:


There is also some free bible study material associated with this book that you can download: