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God's Tapestry

by Steve Maltz

Sub-titled "What Do We Do With The Hebrew Scriptures?" this book cuts right to the heart of key controversies concerning how we should read and act on God's Word today.

  • Is the Sabbath still relevant and what day should it be?
  • Should the Church celebrate the Biblical feasts?
  • How should we think about law and grace?
  • What is the Old Covenant and the Torah?
  • Should Christians still obey the Torah?
  • What is the purpose of the Torah of Jesus?
  • Is it heretical even to be considering such things?

With his usual humour, pace and shrewd insights, Steve Maltz shines a bright light into areas of Church activity that are currently riddled by confusion. He offers an insight into a more Hebraic understanding of God's Word. This is probably his most explosive book to date.