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God's Blueprint

by Steve Maltz

Sub-titled "What Does The Old Testament Really Say?", this book acknowledges that the Hebrew Scriptures have suffered a sustained battering in this 21st Century. Is "the Old Testament" just the prelude to the New Testament? Has it served its purpose, now that we have a "better covenant"? Or - powerfully - do Christians ignore it at their peril?

With his customary humour, pacey style and shrewd insights, Steve Maltz reveals a goldmine of discovery and delights as the Old Testament is laid bare as never before. You will discover:

  • Recurring themes that build up a wonderful picture of God
  • The actions and teachings of the Biblical prophets in context
  • The benefits of viewing the Scriptures Hebraically
  • Fresh insights revealed through the recent One New Man Bible translation


Fundamentally, this book answers the vital question: What does The Old Testament really have to say to 21st Century man?