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God's Signature

by Steve Maltz

Sub-titled "The Wonders of the Hebrew Scriptures": have you ever wondered how the Old Testament came to be written? Why God chose Hebrew as the language of the Scriptures? What could we be missing through not reading the Hebrew Scriptures in their original language? The answers to all three questions will surprise you!
This book traces the history of Gods Word to mankind, from Moses, to Ezra and beyond. The Hebrew language is introduced to you painlessly as you begin to understand why God chose it for His communication to us. Armed with new knowledge, you are taken through an wonderful set of Hebraic Bible studies, revealing more about ourselves, our Messiah and much more. You will learn:

  • How Moses wrote his Five Books
  • How the Hebrew language speaks to us 
  • What is God's real Name 
  • Which Bibles are truly inspired 
  • What did the Jewish scribes ever do for us 
  • What separates man from the animals 
  • Where Jesus hid in the Old Testament 
  • Which Hebrew letter spoke of the virgin birth 
  • Which method of Bible interpretation you never hear about 
  • How to say the Aaronic blessing properly