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The Birth of Christ

by Peter Sammons


Code / ISBN: 978 0 955179 01 3
Publisher: GLORY TO GLORY. 288pp


PETER SAMMONS is an evangelical Christian writer and speaker, based in Cambridgeshire. He is married, with one son.


This book makes a powerful and compelling case for the authenticity and truth of the accounts in the birth narratives of the New Testament. The reader is taken through the biblical and historical background to the nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The significance of each aspect is explained, including the virgin conception, the visit of the magi, the flight to Egypt and many other topics. Detailed appendices provide useful guidance on many matters, including the fulfilment of particular Old Testament messianic prophecies and the complete reliability of the Scriptures.

The Market:

For Christians who wish to challenge widely taught liberal views on the birth narratives, and to be equipped by knowing the evidence for the truth of the biblical view. The book is also presented in a way which will be appealing to enquirers who wish to consider the evidence of Scripture and history. Although this would make ideal pre-Christmas reading, it could also be profitably used for personal and group Bible study at any time. A useful resource for preachers and Bible teachers. Retailers will find that the exceptionally well designed cover makes a good, strong, topical seasonal impact and will display well in the pre-Christmas sales period, whilst not being tied exclusively to the season -it is also appropriate for ongoing year-round display.