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The Hope

by Mark Jones


Code / ISBN: 978 0 955179 05 1
Publisher: GLORY TO GLORY. 96pp


MARK JONES' career has been in business, for the last ten years in various management roles. He and his wife Jane have two children and lead the youth work at the Elim church in Keynsham, Bristol. Their longing is to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ, along with the hope that can be found in him.


Like so many people today, the author was made redundant. That experience led to a new journey of self-discovery. Here is a useful guide to understanding how to handle the new situation, how to deal with the impact on loved ones and family life, how to deal with the job search/recruitment process and, above all, how to hold on to true hope when times are hard and things seem bleak.


In his Foreword, Don Latham writes: 'The clear message of this book is that with God-given hope there is no limit to what we can achieve for him'.

The Market:

An inexpensive, short book book for all who are affected by the shock and new challenges unemployment can bring. For those who minister to others, and for individual and group study. Ideal for pastors and evangelists to give to those who are dealing with unemployment