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The Bible Student

Fifty Key Themes Explored Through the Holy Bible

edited by Peter Sammons

Code / ISBN: 978-0-9567831-2-7
Publisher: GLORY TO GLORY. 218pp



Fifty themed studies enable people of all ages to explore specific topics across the entire sweep of the Holy Bible. Unlike many other study materials, this seeks to focus on the Bible itself. It is not so much a manual of theology as a 'guide map' to help the reader explore God's revelation of Himself and His purposes in Scripture. Wherever possible, the studies follow each topic from the Old Testament into the New, giving a clear sense of God's unchanging purposes and making a clear connection with the cross, and new life in Christ.

Inspired by Joe Church's fondly remembered work Every Man a Bible Student (which arose out of the East Africa Revival in the early twentieth century and was published from the 1930s to the 1960s) this is a completely new book, aimed at a broad spectrum of readership. Studies are comprehensive but never impenetrable. Minimal use is made of quotations from other writers. The book is split into eight groups of connected themes:

  • Rebellion and Redemption
  • Eternal Life
  • Life's Journey
  • The Nature of God
  • The Living Body - the Church
  • Living in a foreign land (struggles)
  • The Future
  • The Living God

Ministry connection

Suitable for both group and personal study. Would make an excellent baptism or confirmation gift. A good resource for ministers to use with enquirers and church members, to start topical, thematic discussions, provide background ideas for preaching and teaching, and to stimulate interest in Bible study.


For churches, ministries, Bible students and individual Christians. A lovely birthday present!


The Rev. Alex Jacob, author of The Case for Enlargement Theology, is a United Reformed Church Minister. The Rev. Dr David M Moore is a former university lecturer and a retired Anglican vicar. Dr Greg Stevenson is a retired cell biologist. Peter Sammons, author of The Birth of Christ and The Empty Promise of Godism, is a businessman. The Rev. Peter Byron-Davies is a theological and editorial consultant and publisher. The diversity of the contributors helps to avoid factional biases, although each writer shares a commitment to and a love of God's holy Word.

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