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Rebel Church

by Peter Sammons


Code / ISBN: 978-0-9926674-0-5
Publisher: Glory to Glory Publications
Format: B format paperback, 196pp
Cover price: £9.99



Parts of the church have always rebelled against Jesus. History is replete with examples. But is something different happening today?

  • What does the Bible tell us about the rebel church?
  • What does Jesus teach about the rebel church?
  • How do individual believers reinvigorate their faith when their church seems "hell-bent" on opposing the Spirit?
  • Is the future one of loss and defeat, or glorious triumph for the faithful remnant?

The author argues that the state of the church today is materially different from previous rebellious phases. He introduces a fresh vision for individual Christians around God's priorities for believers. Readers are challenged to see what the church ought to be - and can be, by God's grace and mercy! The book incorporates 2020 Vision - seven areas where true believers must focus their prayers and attention in the second and third decades of this twenty-first century.

The author cites syncretism, sexual license and euthanasia as key battlegrounds for the immediate future, as the various 'mainstream' churches seek to make the church 'more attractive' to the world.


Christians who are concerned about the trajectory of the church. Change is unlikely to come from church hierarchies. It is ordinary Christians who are most concerned and who must take responsibility for their own walk with the Lord. This book is aimed squarely at that readership. The book is scholarly and thoroughly biblical, yet also accessible and readable.


Peter Sammons is becoming known as an articulate promoter of traditional Christian beliefs and standards. Books include The Birth of Christ, One Flesh - what Jesus teaches about love, marriage, relationships and a lot more, and The Empty Promise of Godism - reflections on the interfaith agenda. Team editor of The Bible Student, Sammons has sought to promote a traditional and biblical approach in all his works. He argues in this latest book that it is not the gospel, nor Jesus, that have changed. It is the church that has moved, and moves today ever more decisively to adopt the world's agenda, dressed up as a 'social gospel'.

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This book review is by Greg Stevenson.

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