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Understanding the Father's plan for Jesus

by John Colbourn

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ISBN: 978-0-9926674-1-2
Format: B format paperback, 140pp
Imprint:  Glory to Glory Publications


Major cancer surgery, leading to the prognosis that his remaining life could be short, led the author to try to get a better understanding of the Christian faith from God's standpoint rather than a human one, so as to be more ready for 'moving house' into the presence of God. He looks at the very familiar main events in the life of Jesus, with the question: 'Why did the Father put that event into the itinerary for His Son's time on earth?' The 'chrysalis' is a picture that can help us understand that whilst we cannot see everything that lies ahead, God has revealed a future for believers in which 'we shall all be changed'.


This book is written for ordinary Christians of all ages and church backgrounds and includes subjects for discussion in home groups.


John Colbourn served in the Anglican ministry for forty years, in Cheshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Derbyshire. He retired from full time ministry in 1995 but has continued with a ministry of preaching, leading worship, pastoral care, leading a house group and study courses.


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