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Understanding Revelation

A preacher looks at the end-time message of the last book of the bible.

by Paul Langham

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ISBN-10: 1901949354
ISBN-13: 978-1901949353



What are the key messages of Revelation and how are we to read it? The author says: "I was drawn to preach on End times and the Christian hope of eternity largely because the Christian community today seems either completely to ignore it or to feed upon popular but sub-biblical and sensationalist interpretations of Revelation. Jesus Himself, when asked by His followers 'what will be the sign of your coming and of the End of the age' responded immediately with the warning 'watch out that no one deceives you', and then went on to warn that the End times would include major apostasy within the church."


A sophisticated, yet introductory and very accessible resource for those looking for a starting point in study and reflection. Preachers, bible study leaders and students will all benefit from this book.


Paul Langham has been vicar of Christ Church Clifton, in Bristol, since September 2010. He has also served as vicar of three churches in Bath and as chaplain of St Catharine's College Cambridge. He is married to Jackie and they have four children. His most recent book, an up to date translation of the entire New Testament (2012) is called simply "Who?"; whilst remaining true to the text, this aims for dynamic equivalence in modern English and employs a great layout! It is published by The Bible Society.

"Understanding Revelation" was first published in 2005.