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The Forbidden Friend

by Jessica Thurley

Code / ISBN: 148481746X
Available from : Segulah Publishing.
Format: 210pp, paperback
Price: £5.99 excluding p & p


Home-educated teenager with a love of reading, this is her first novel. She has used her experiences whilst visiting Israel as a setting for the book, which is in diary form.


Rachel is 14, and lives with her orthodox Jewish family in Israel. Her future will be an arranged marriage to someone chosen by her parents. She has no-one to tell about how she feels, except this - her diary.


"I finished your story yesterday.
It was difficult to put down and I really enjoyed it." 
(Jane, drama teacher)

"I was so struck by this excellent, beautifully crafted work - intensely readable." 
(Peter, book publisher) 

"An excellent read, it is an inspirational story."
(Stephanie, author)

The Market:

The Forbidden Friend will appeal to all who enjoy a good novel, and is suitable for teenagers and adults.

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