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The Messiah Pattern

by Peter Sammons

** Revised Second Edition

Code / ISBN: 9780992667450
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The Biblical Feasts of the Old Testament speak of the life, ministry, mission and accomplishment of one Man - the Man Jesus. Surprisingly these Feasts are little understood by the institutional church, and are rarely taught. This book explores five key questions:

  • what are "the magnificent seven" feasts, and what do they mean?
  • how do the biblical fests speak directly of Jesus?
  • which covenants in the bible are still operative and how do they speak of Jesus?
  • how does the New Covenant relate to the other covenants?
  • how should we understand, and relate to, the Moedim today?
The book makes considerable use of simple diagrams to develop its themes.


Peter Sammons - author of "The Birth of Christ", "The Prince of Peace", "One Flesh" and several other Christian books, is a writer with a gift for reducing sometimes complicated theological themes to concepts to which we can all relate.

The Market:

General readers. Bible students doing introductory studies in the area of Christology. Preachers and Bible study leaders who want a useful starting point for study and reflection. Useful for both personal and group study.


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