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100 Days With Acts

Study Notes on the Book of Acts

by Alex Jacob

Code / ISBN: 978-1-78926-508-8
Publisher: Christian Publications International. 150pp


Alex Jacob is a United Reformed Church Minister. A Director of The Churches Ministry Among Jewish People (CMJ), Alex has a respected teaching and pastoral ministry. He is also author of the well-received The Case For Enlargement Theology which provides a much needed counterpoint to the false ideas of Replacement Theology and Two Covenant Theology - both of which try, and yet fail, to define a 'place' for Jewish people in terms of the Church. Alex also authored, Receive The Truth!, Walking an Ancient Path  and Prepare the Way, and 100 Days With Luke, in the same genre.


Daily study notes over a 100 day period. The book is designed as a resource specifically for new Jewish believers in Jesus, and yet its appeal goes much wider. The issues that a monotheist Jew will encounter will be much the same as those encountered by a monotheist Muslim. These studies are short, punchy, incisive and yet encourage searching reflection. They are a great introduction to the Jesus-message for anyone who is new to the faith - not to mention many of us who have been Believers for some time, but who want to explore Jesus in a fresh way. The notes explore both theological and pastoral themes, yet are not arduous as a reading assignment!

The Market:

For those looking for a starting point in study and reflection. Preachers, bible study leaders and students will all benefit from this book. A helpful introductory gift to encourage the wonderful habit and discipline of bible study, linked to personal application and reflection. This book can also be used in group study contexts, where for example, it might be used as Lent Course material.


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