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Love Never Fails

by Adrian Rose

Code / ISBN: 978 0 955179 00 6
Publisher: GLORY TO GLORY. 256pp

Foreword by Jennifer Rees Larcombe


ADRIAN ROSE suffered with ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome (in its severest form) for nearly eight years. Then came the breakthrough, which he had been living for during the whole of that time, and it happened in a way he would have never believed possible.


This is the story of a life torn apart by illness, but also the story of a life rebuilt, changed and challenged. It tells of a young man on the verge of major commercial success in the music industry, who instead had to come to terms with an unbelievably oppressive and frustrating illness, comprising multiple symptoms and incredible over-sensitivities. Adrian writes: "I firmly believe that I have been called by God to encourage the faith of fellow Christians who are battling with ME/CFS, or any other form of chronic illness and to try and convince those who have no faith at all that Jesus Christ is alive and active -and that with God all things are possible."

JENNIFER REES LARCOMBE, in her Foreword, writes: "This is a book that is well worth reading! Adrian has a great gift of taking his readers right into the heart of the nightmare from which he has just emerged. Even if you have never heard of ME, I think you will find the book fascinating as you come to identify with Adrian and all he had to face. You may even have the disease yourself and I believe this book, if you are well enough to read it for yourself, will definitely give you hope. Release does come; ME does not have to be a life sentence."

The Market:

All concerned with Christian healing ministry, carers, sufferers and ministers.

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Author's web site: Adrian now teaches guitar lessons in Stamford, Lincolnshire.


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