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Rediscovering Kingdom Healing

by Mike Endicott

Code / ISBN: 978 1 901949 47 6
Publisher: TERRA NOVA 
Stocked by: GLORY TO GLORY.  128pp

Author: Mike Endicott, a well-known international Christian speaker and ordained minister, trains and leads others in the ministry of Christian healing. His books on healing are widely appreciated in many different churches. From The Well Centre in south Wales, Mike and his team lead conferences and ministry events in the UK and other countries, including the USA and South Africa.

Description: A new exploration of a classic theme. The author leads us back to scripture to consider the immense signifcance for us of Jesus' declaration that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Release of this book coincides with the world launch of the major new healing ministry course: In His Footsteps. Visit for details.

The Market: A new look at the key priority on Christian healing ministry.

By the same author: Those who enjoy this new book will also want to buy and read Mike's other books: Heaven's Dynamite, Rediscovering Kingdom Healing, Christian Healing: Everyday Questions and Straightforward Answers and Pilgrimage.


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