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We have a number of books that can be purchased through our online bookshop. Click the image for further details about each book.

Please note that these 3 titles will take you through to the publisher's or author's website as we do not presently hold stock:

  • My Grace is Sufficient,
  • The Forbidden Friend,
  • In Time with God
  • Life from the Living Word

Please note that to buy the Chris Hill and Steve Maltz range of books, you will be taken through to their websites.

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Prophecy and Pastoral


Hebraic Studies

Bible Study

The Birth of Christ
By Peter Sammons


Cover Price: 10.00


Steve Maltz Books

Steve Maltz is recognised as a UK Christian with a unique, and vital, ministry in shining a spotlight on the Hebraic root of the Christian faith. We can easily forget that the Lord Jesus is a Jew who was brought up in a Jewish culture, and aligned Himself with the Jewish "cultural norms" of His day.  Maltz is a prime-mover in the annual Foundations conferences, a contributor to Premiere Radio, and part of the editorial team of Sword magazine (published in Scotland).

CPI will progressively add new Maltz books to its list in the period 2023-2025. In the meantime we recommend the books listed below - a small fraction of the 40+ books and pamphlets that Maltz has produced in the last 10 years.

The books can be purchased from the Saffron Planet UK bookstore. CPI is closely associated with Saffron Planet.

Chris Hill Books

Chris Hill is a well known and respected UK Bible teacher and preacher, as well as Holy Land tour guide.  His outlook on spiritual matters is analogous to David Pawson. We are happy to recommend all of Chris Hill's work and are hoping to bring some of his books under the CPI imprint 2021-22. Two current books we particularly recommend are "Built for Battle" and "Baker's Dozen". Click here to go direct to Chris's website to review his full range of materials. Highly recommended!