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Ruth - A Prophetic Parable

How does the story of Ruth relate to you today?

by Simon Pease

Publisher: Christian Publications International.


The book of Ruth is often seen as just a romantic love story. Yet it contains a deeper message that impacts and challenges our core beliefs, whilst foreshadowing God's end-time purposes:
  • precisely whom do the key 'actors' in the Ruth 'drama' represent in prophetic type?
  • what is God's future plan for "the nations"?
  • what is the Believer's obligation to Israel and to the Jewish people?
  • is your church a Ruth church, or an Orpah church?

This book unlocks and explores the deeper meaning of Ruth and challenges its readers to search out their new covenant obligations. The Ruth story allows no bystanders! Its deeper message demands a response, so prepare to be challenged! 82pp in length, this is a useful, self-contained resource.


I am sure this book by Simon Pease will encourage many to read the story of Ruth through 'fresh eyes' and enable them to reflect on the true implications that flow from honouring this important biblical text.
(from the foreword by the Rev Alex Jacob, CEO of CMJ)


Simon Pease teaches on the unity of Scripture, is a reviewer for the online magazine Prophecy Today and has served in the healing ministry and street outreach. A regular contributor to Sword magazine. This is the first of what is expected to build into a small series of books on prophetic types and shadows.

The Market:

A broad appeal as a useful and practical study for both pastors and the general Christian reader.

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