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Revelations of Jesus Christ

From the book of Revelation
A devotional Study

by Philip Wren

Code / ISBN: 978-1-78926-511-8
Publisher: Christian Publications International.


The opening words of the book of Revelation confirm its purpose - ‘a revelation of Jesus Christ’. The Son does not glorify Himself. It is His Father who reveals His Son, so that we can give to Jesus the glory due. He is the Son who, in perfect humility, submission and obedience, has brought about the salvation of mankind.

The Son is central to all that follows. The future, our future, is entirely bound up in Him. If we want to understand the things that must shortly take place we need to understand Jesus Christ. As we come to study Revelation our primary question is; ‘what does this book reveal about Jesus?’

Uniquely, Revelation is a book that promises a special blessing for its readers – and its hearers! To receive that blessing we are to read, and keep, those things which are written in it. This study helps its readers receive that blessing.
  • what do the symbols of Revelation mean?
  • what are the special Names associated with God?
  • how do we recognise our spiritual enemy – and what is his fate?
  • what will the triumph of Jesus mean?

In this delightful and challenging study Philip Wren reveals the inner coherence of Revelation, the Bible book that concludes the testimony of Jesus and reveals to us the future triumph of Christ. Revelation was written for ordinary people, not for theologians, and this study highlights the major themes without over-complicating the subject.


Philip Wren – a bible student of many years, writes and speaks on Biblical prophecy. He is a regular contributor to the UK Sword magazine and edits the quarterly newsletter Trumpet Sounds, which comments on world events in the light of scripture.

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A broad appeal as a useful and practical study for both pastors and the general Christian reader.


There is a review available on Prophecy Today.

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