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Prophetic Evangelism
- Kingdom Exploits in the Risk Zone

how prophetic evangelism opens doors to encounter

by Daniel Holland

 Revised and Expanded 

Code / ISBN: 978-1-913741-02-0
Publisher: Christian Publications International. Format: 'B' Format Paperback, 216pp


Prophetic Evangelism is a God-given tool to energise our message, giving it immediacy, relevance, authority and power that other evangelism programmes may lack.

Prophetic insight, coupled with evangelism, can wonderfully open up opportunities for encounter. The good news of Jesus is as powerful today as it was 2000 years ago. Prophetic Evangelism breaks down barriers. As the book blurb says “Surprising as it may seem, prophetic giftings are for YOU, if you are a disciple of Jesus. Yes ..... YOU!”

The author gives a clear and biblically astute definition of what prophetic evangelism is. Elsewhere in the book, he takes pains to point out what prophetic evangelism is not, noting that sometimes prophetic gifting can become a source of controversy and even conflict. With many years practical experience of what he calls “the good, the bad and the ugly” in this area of the prophetic, Daniel Holland is determined that this God-given gift shall not become a stumbling block or diversion. Precisely the opposite, Holland shows how it can enliven and enrich our evangelism efforts.

Holland acknowledges, however, that we are very definitely in “the risk zone” in prophetic evangelism as its use demands that we come more fully under the influence of the wonderful and beautiful Holy Spirit, and learn to listen critically for His voice.

In common with other CPI books, this new title uses schematics to help open-out the text and bring visual cues to illustrate theological themes in a memorable and reasonably straightforward manner. We live in a visual age …..


Daniel Holland is a full time evangelist with Through Faith Missions and brings practical, hands-on experience of all aspects of evangelism. He writes, therefore, with considerable authority. Based in East Anglia, he is married and blessed with a daughter!


Christians with an interest in evangelism (and that should be ALL Christians, whether or not they have a personal call and ministry in this vital area. Also church leaders who need an insight into this singularly important subject area.

CPI is promoting a practical one-day training course to bring added value and utility to this important new book.

Zoom Prophetic Evangelism Course

Daniel Holland is hosting an online course on prophetic evangelism

The course will be run over four evenings on 13-16 Nov 2023. The cost of the course is just 15. More details and booking information.


Taster videos for the Prophetic Evangelism Course

Four short videos introduce four themes covered in Holland's book. If you'd like to know more about how to join one of his Zoom based courses please either email Christian Publications International or get in touch with Dan through TFM.










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