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Passion Play Music

by Paul Luckraft & Roger Boyce


Modern music to express the intensity of the Passion events - the events of Holy Week. A thought provoking way to engage with the high drama that was that final Passover that Jesus underwent.

Seven tracks:

  • Hosanna - (Entry into Jerusalem)
  • Gethsemane - (Agony and Prayer in the Garden)
  • Dolorosa -(The Road to Calvary)
  • Love and Sorrow - (He Carried Our Sin)
  • The Burial - (They Laid Him in the Tomb)
  • Longing - (We had Hoped)
  • First Light - (Joy in the Morning)

Passion Play Music was originally conceived and written as a series of piano pieces to express aspects of the Passion account in purely musical form. The exception is 'Love and Sorrow' which was already written for violin and strings. The music, which lasts a little in excess of half an hour, remains in solo piano form. It is possible that other arrangements and multimedia may be brought out in due course. But the present recording is a stand-alone piece usable for private meditation, worship and biblical exploration.

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You can listen to samples of each track by visiting:


"pleasant and unchallenging to me as a first time listener". (Helen Donoghue, Community Church)

"thought provoking, and worship inspiring - another dimension to explore the Passion narrative". (Peter Sammons, WECC Haverhill)


Paul Luckraft is the resources editor for Prophecy Today and a Bible teacher. He has played the piano all his life and loves to create music through improvisation. Meeting Roger Boyce, who worships at Sozo Ministries International, Romsey, led to the idea of turning these pieces into an orchestral suite. Roger is an arranger, songwriter and composer, and owns his own record label.

The Market:

Suitable for personal devotions or group times, perhaps including communion. It could also be incorporated into a larger retelling of the Passion using images, videos, dance, and Bible readings.



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