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Life from the Living Word

A guide to understanding the Bible

by Stuart Creed

Format: paperback, 322pp
Cover Price: £11.99 + shipping

A full colour edition is also available.
Cover Price: £14.99 + shipping

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Are you someone who wants more confidence in reading, understanding, and applying the Bible? If so, here is a book for you. Packed with worked examples, fun coloured sketches, illustrations and diagrams, "Life from the Living Word" (322pp) outlines an accessible, easy-to-use guide for readers to engage effectively with any text of Scripture.

The book takes readers through a simple and easy to remember method - a series of questions to ask of any Bible text in three stages: *Observe, *Understand and *Apply. It is packed with encouragement and thoughtful application along the way. Each chapter outlines these principles with worked examples, and has short exercises for you to try. Suggested thoughts by way of "answer" are provided in an appendix so readers can reflect on their learning.

Throughout the book the language is kept simple so it’s suitable for beginners, or those with English as their second language. For further reading there are boxes containing "Additional Tips" and "Dangers to Avoid" with references to other helpful resources. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Bible teacher, you will finish this book better equipped to listen to God in His living Word, and so to experience his transforming power in your life.

The book is endorsed by several mission leaders and active Christians.

Full Colour Edition

This book is also available as a full colour edition. With 24 large and 12 small coloured sketches.

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