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Last Days & End Times

—Making the Connection

What Jesus says about the future...

by Peter Sammons


Code / ISBN: 978-1-913741-10-5
Publisher: Christian Publications International
Format: 197 printed pages
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Christians have pondered and explored the question of the end times for virtually the entire history of the church. Jesus told us what to expect as this age draws to its close. And He told us for the very good reason …… that we need to know.

Varying ‘interpretations’ of biblical clues have led to the emergence of multiple competing and mutually exclusionary, theologies (or theories) of what is likely to happen. Such ‘theologies’ have sometimes generated more heat than light, and led to rifts within the believing community. Some have been quite simply wrong! In this book the author argues that one key problem in understanding these questions is the church’s widespread failure to recognize the clear differences between the Last Days, on one hand, and the End Times, on the other.

The gospel message must inevitably take into account, and treat seriously, Jesus’ teaching about the future. This book makes that vital connection.

Last Days & End Times – Making the Connection avoids the “tired and stale” popular theologies that have so characterized these matters in Christian discourse over the past two centuries and have tended to obscure, rather than reveal, Jesus’ specific teaching. This book goes back to God’s holy purpose in distinguishing “last” from “end”.

With a foreword by Rev Alex Jacob (“The Case For Enlargement Theology”) this new book is divided into three sections (*God ordains * God signals * God steps in) totaling 14 chapters and 7 appendices. It is a comprehensive survey.

With 20+ schematics that helpfully illustrate theological concepts, the book builds confidence with readers that they are genuinely acquiring an insight into the whole question of the End Time. Four appendices encourage readers to assess for themselves the “RAG status” (red, amber, green – from risk analysis) of various specific prophecies concerning the End Time’ providing themes and biblical references.

What must we look out for in the future? How do we read the signs of the times? Is God truly in control? Last Days & End Times – Making the Connection delves deeply into these areas with Biblical reverence as well as historical astuteness. As the Lord Jesus told us what to expect, it is an act of worship to take Him seriously in this matter. And of course each day that goes by, brings us ever closer...


Peter Sammons is a seasoned Christian writer with a number of books under his belt:

  • The Birth of Christ.
  • The Prince of Peace.
  • One Flesh – What Jesus teaches about love, relationships,
    marriage and a lot more.
  • The Messiah Pattern (2nd edition).
  • Rebel Church.
  • Three Days and Three Nights That Changed the World
    (co-authored with David Serle).

With his wife he helps to pastor a non-church, non-denominational fellowship in Suffolk, UK. He is an occasional contributor to Sword magazine in UK, is editor of the (free) online magazine Christian Comment and currently serves as a Trustee with Through Faith Missions in the UK.


Today, with global climate change, pandemic, and now war dominating our broadcast media, people are once again asking serious questions about the future and God’s over-arching purposes. This book, accordingly, is timely and is certainly no re-hash of factional theologies.

Individual Christians are the readership for which the author has prepared his book, but non-Christians may well have an ‘invested’ interest in this whole subject. The book might be used to support group Bible study.

As pastors are often reluctant to tackle this generic subject area, they may also find this book a useful resource if they are exploring the possibility of putting on a teaching series in this broad area of End Time understanding, and especially what the Lord has provided for us in the way of “early-warning”.

Interviews with the Author

Dan Holland interviews Peter Sammons about “Last Days & End Times - Making the Connection”.

Dan Holland and Peter Sammons discuss six "not asked questions" (or NAQs) relating to the end times.

Book Review

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