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King of the Jews

Why the Bible and all history points to Jesus

by Charles Gardner

Publisher: Christian Publications International
RRP: 10

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“King of the Jews” – the sign affixed to the cross of Jesus – was immediately challenged and remains controversial after 2000 years.  Yet today more and more are recognizing Jesus not only as the Saviour of the World, but also in His royal prerogative and inheritance. His throne remains eternal.

  • Why is there a battle for truth as regards Jesus? What are the contours of that battle today?
  • What might be the significance of the Dead Sea coming to life today?
  • How do Jewish people today view Jesus? Why do some see Him as King, yet others as a false prophet?
  • What is the Bible telling us about future developments?


“readers will be challenged and informed as they are drawn to see Jesus to whom history and the Bible bids witness”.
Rev Alex Jacob, CEO - The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People (UK)

“Charles has the knack of joining the dots between biblical truth in relation to Jewish people - and a series of well-documented historical trends and facts. An up-to-date, insightful book”
Rev Sam Gordon, International Bible teacher with Truth for Today


A retired journalist whose 40-year career began in Fleet Street. Currently board member of the UK online magazine Prophecy Today, his previous books include Israel the Chosen and Peace in Jerusalem ( He is also a regular contributor to Heart Publications, Jerusalem-based Israel Today (, Gateway News (South Africa) and global news service ASSIST.

Who should read this?

Christians and non-believers with an interest in world affairs, especially with regard to Israel's role. Church leaders who need an insight into this singularly important subject area. All who want to get a grip on Jesus’ Royal Title and what it means.


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