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Christ Centred, Committed and Completely Crackers

by Mel Richardson

Code / ISBN: 978-1-78926-514-9
Publisher: Christian Publications International.
Publish date: July 2020


The amazing, gritty, adventure story of God’s grace through Project Dengke continues in this book. A key recurring theme is reaching out with practical love and kindness to those in real need, such as leprosy patients and youngsters in extreme poverty.

The impossible is demonstrated possible. Whether building a Friendship Centre in the most sensitive region of China /Tibet, or a self-proclaimed “Living Buddha” wanting his monks to be Christians, be prepared to be amazed and encouraged – irrespective of whether you have faith yourself.

The best of times and the worst of times are shared in intimate detail with a generous helping of wit and humour. Mel Richardson describes the criteria for being on his team as the 5Cs – Christ Centred, Committed and Completely Crackers. He says: “the good book says sometimes we have to be fools for Christ’s sake”
With endorsements from Sir Ranulph Fiennes and the Rt Hon Baroness Cox this is a serious book, but delivered with gentle wit and realism.

The book contains 15 double sided pages of good quality colour photos, which really helps to bring the subject alive.


General Christian readers. This shows God’s practical love and power in action. It is a genuine encouragement. Also, those with a special heart for China/Tibet.


Mel Richardson MBE, BTech (Hons), Ph.D, CChem, CSci, FIMMM, FRSC, FRSA, is Professor Emeritus at Portsmouth University, Honorary Chinese Citizen, and Visiting Professor to Sichuan University and other Universities worldwide. He has an international reputation both as an academic in the field of materials engineering and as a Christian adventurer and man of vision. He established the Care and Share Foundation to help raise funds for those in need in China/Tibet and other global locations having been first inspired and highly motivated by Mike Cole. Mel Richardson is adamant that this story is all of God’s Grace and a clear testimony to “….what ordinary folk can achieve with a mustard seed of faith”.


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