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Free Resources

The free material available from this section is for you to download, print off and use as you see fit, subject to the restrictions in the terms and conditions.


We have some books you can download in electronic form. Some of these are also available to purchase as paperbacks from our online bookshop.


Other Resources

How does the Tabenacle speak of Jesus? A powerpoint presentation from Lighthouse.

Download Powerpoint file (PPT).


Return of the Gods

Have the Ancient Gods Returned?
Is a Seemingly Far-Fetched Premise, Unfolding After All?
by Dr Naomi Wolf

Return of the Gods (PDF).


The Empty Promise of Godism

Bible Student

The Bible Student is a collection of themed bible studies which you are free to download and print off. This is also now available to order as a printed book and an e-Book for the Kindle.


Israel and God's Purposes

Signs in the Heavens

The Birth of Christ. A YouTube video presentation exploring the sidereal i.e. stellar) phenomena that most likely accompanied Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, using up to date software to mirror the ancient night sky. This resource might be viewed in conjunction with a reading of the book "The Birth of Christ" (see books section). The person who devised this material is a Christian astro-physicist.

2020 Vision

2020 Visionis about changing the Church and ourselves for the better. It is something that individuals may wish to adopt as a personal sacrifice of worship to the Lord Jesus.
2020 Vision (PDF).


Try these presentation slides, they are useful as discussion starters as well as for private study.

What are God's Moedim (appointed times)and how do they speak to us today about Jesus? A short introductory essay and nine slide-sets cover (a) a general introduction and (b) each of the seven Hebrew Feasts relating to Messiah Jesus. Useful for private and group Bible study. (PDF & PowerPoint documents).

1. Passover
2. Unleavened Bread
3. First Fruits (Ecclesiastical Year - 1)
4. Shavuot (Ecclesiastical Year - 4)
5. Trumpets
6. Atonement
7. Tabernacles

British Values Booklet
What constitutes a British value? And how are British values 'informed' - even indirectly - by our Christian heritage and context? A discussion starter in PowerPoint format (130 pages).

British Values

Question For Question
Jesus often answered a question with a question
The power of questions (PDF)

Hope Beyond Hell
Book Reviewed by Peter Sammons (PDF)

The Covenant Stream - God Builds a People

Grafted-In 4.0
Grafted-In 5.0

Hebraic Church Logo



Tough questions for Christians about Israel, and about 'fulfillment theology'


Israel - Profound Questions
4 key areas as Christians consider the Israel question

Tough Questions 2 - Replacement Theology
Project Replacement - Church, Israel & God's purposes


The Defiance of the Human Soul - Dean Hartley
the constant struggle between the soul and the spirit

The Salvation of the Human Soul - Dean Hartley
from mortal to immortal

Roy Thurley's booklet on the history of Gaza is informative.